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Easy Ways to Stage your Vacant Home for Less

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Once you have made the decision to sell your home, there is a long list of things that you need to take into consideration, including packing, marketing the home, and hiring a great realtor to help you get the house sold fast. It is always recommended that you conduct a solid interview process of at least three real estate agents to make sure that you are getting the best person for the job. Any realtor worth their salt will tell you that once your house is vacant and likely empty, it will be important to have it staged. If money is no object in this case, then feel free to hire a top of the line staging company that will come in and fill your home with decorative design and furnishings to make it more appealing to likely buyers. However, most people are more likely to want to stage their home for a reasonable cost and therefor maximize the profits they receive on the sale of the house.

According to professional home stagers and reatlors alike, there are four major componenets that you will want to take into consideration in the staging of your listing.

Number One: Adding color and textures to your interiors

Fraser Valley Real Estate AgentsUnless the style and architecture of the house dictate it for some reason, think modern white architecture, it is important that you take serious consideration of the various colors and textures that you add to the home. You will want to be sure that most of them coordinate with one another, as well as, with each other. For example, if you are looking to stage a romantic bedroom, you will want to use subtle and soothing colors with a combination of soft textures. Consider using a variety of fabrics for the bed linens and pillows to build density and increase the perception of comfort.

Number Two: Appeal to Family Buyers by Staging the Kids’ Room

Fraser Valley realtors in BCJust because you may not have had any children living with you in the house at the time of it being your home, does not mean that potential buyers will not have children of their own. The whole point of staging is to help buyers to see themselves living there. By staging a guest bedroom or home office as a kid’s bedroom, you will be enabling families or couples that may be planning to have children to see their family settling and growing in the house.

Number Three: Use wallpaper to transform interiors

Over the last few decades wallpaper has really come a long way. Gone are the days of year when wallpaper was seen as tacky and out of date. These days many interior decorators are using modern wallpapers to make a room pop or stand out from the rest of the house in a flattering way. One of the most common ways this is being done is to apply wallpaper to a singular wall in a room making it a “statement wall”. This technique has been featured in many magazines and on popular television shows making it a desirable and fashionable quality in a home. Just be sure that if you do decide to pursue this hot trend that you are confident in your skills in applying the paper or hire a professional to do it for you. Applying the paper incorrectly could result in a costly fix. If you are in need of help finding a company that can install the wallpaper for you, try asking your realtor. Usually, they have a plethora of resources and lists of vendors to assist you in getting your house sold with the upmost of ease.

Number Four: Stage your Major Rooms with Natural Decorations

Langley Real Estate AgentsWhile it is a good idea to incorporate some fashionable or trendy pieces throughout the house, it is absolutely crucial for you to keep in mind that you remember to keep the neutral in the staging of the major rooms of the house. You will want to avoid incorporating too much of your personal taste because, again, it is important for potential buyers to see themselves living there. They want to be able to walk in and see their future there rather than your history. Therefore, remember to stick to natural decorations in rooms like the main living area or the dining room.

There may some cost in hiring realtors and opting to have your house staged, keep in mind that it is truly an investment in the sales price of the house. Experienced realtors can tell you that.

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